March 5, 2017

Al Maha - Luxury Desert Resort & Spa | DUBAI


So this post has been a long time coming, having visited the Al Maha desert resort back in December I knew I wanted to write about this amazing place, but its only now I’ve got round to doing so. I went with my boyfriend to Dubai and after spending a week at the One and Only we headed around 65km southeast of Dubai through the desert til we reached the tranquil Duabi Desert Conservation Reserve where you’ll found the gorgeous Al Maha Resort.

The resort really feels like you’re in the middle of the desert as you pass endless miles of desert, leave the main road and drive down a long track til you meet the entrance gate. From here you still have 10km drive til you can even see any of the resort! As you drive through the dunes you get a real sense of desert  adventure as you pass gazelles and Arabian Oryx’s. These can be seen wandering around the buildings at the resort too!


Arriving was like arriving at an incredible desert camp – the buildings are tent structures so you kinda feel like you’re ‘glamping’ to the extreme. I mean there’s nothing camping like about the experience but that’s the vibe. The main reception and the lobby are filled with traditional carpets, brass trays, elaborate furniture and billowing curtains. This classic Arabian theme continues to your rooms. 

Your room is a stand alone ‘tent’ like this picture. Furniture is sturdy wooden chests, old Arabian antiques, oriental carpets and traditional treats are laid out for you when you arrive. 



Our bed was massive and lying in this gorgeous bed I felt every inch the Arabian princess. With windows all round, you can lie in your bed with an uninterrupted view of the desert dunes, whilst checking out the native wildlife. As there are limited rooms and each room is given a little space with a completely clear view. The feeling of desert escape is only enhanced when you’re in your room at night. 



Each villa/’tent’ is equipped with their own private temperature controlled infinity pool and sundeck area. There is also the option to have your own butler serve you a private candle lit dinner on one of the nights. As this is an all inclusive resort, this would however be an additional charge. 


Throughout the day there are activities on offer that are also included in the price so it really gives you a chance to try out all that the desert has to offer. You can explore the dunes on horses, by camels or 4x4, there’s archery, falconry and much more. We chose to do a private archery lesson in the dunes and visited their bird sanctuary to check out the eagles, owls and all they had at the resort. In the evening we also chose a camel ride out into the sunset where we reached our final viewing place and enjoyed a glass of champagne. 



If you’re looking for an escape but you still want to keep fit and keep in touch with the world. Don’t fret, the wifi was incredible everywhere and there’s even a fully equipped gym in the spa building. By the spa building is the main pool for everyones use. Here you can chill out on the sun loungers and you will see the camels arrive for the sundowners trip.

And now just a few more photos of the pools, the resort, the activities and generally our time at the Al Maha Desert Resort...




Where breakfast, lunch and dinner were served

I hope you liked this post and I love keeping my blog updated with all my travels, Im looking forward to the rest of the travel 2017 has for me. So keep an eye out! 

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Blaise Ruby 



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