June 3, 2016

Why we should all be writing a diary.


This is more of a personal post, but one I've wanted to do for a while. I have been writing a diary pretty much since I could write and knew what a diary was. Admittedly I did look back at one I wrote when i was about 11 years old and was alarmed to see "Richard just tried to murder Audrey by driving the car into a river". Took me a while to realise, but Id seemingly mixed things up between documenting my life and what was going on in Coronation street at the time. Nowadays I tend to leave Corrie out of it, but I’m still a big fan of writing for fun/therapy/working things out/keeping organised. So I thought this post would be for those who have never tried keeping a diary or for those that haven’t done it in a while, to try and inspire you to get at it! So Im going to hit you with 5 reasons you should be writing a diary!

(Above - A few of my main diaries - the top one is my everyday even though its opened to vietnam...purely because it doesn't have too much private stuff there haha!, top right is my sleepless nights one, bottom is more of a travel diary. Find one that you like and just go for it!)

So lets get down to my 5 reasons we should all be writing a diary:

1. Boosts memory

It’s known that there’s a relationship between the hand and brain. Words are representations of our ideas and forming letters causes the mind to create and re-create ideas whilst writing. This means we are more consciously thinking about events that have happened in order to write them in our diary, so our memories are strengthened and we have better recall of these things. So if you’re having the trip of a life time or fallen madly in love and want to remember the feeling, what you did, how it felt etc. Write it down! You are bound to remember it better!


2. Self discipline & me time

This is one I find difficult…making time to do it! But writing a diary is a time where you switch off from everything else. In order to actually get a good feeling and write everything you want to, you really do have to focus. Journaling/diary writing brings you into a sort of mindful state (a word you’ll have heard a lot recently) and there’s a strong link with mindfulness and happiness! More writing = More happiness. Just incase you didn’t know: mindfulness in brief is bringing your mind to attention and actively engaging with your own thoughts.

(Above-My everyday diary)

3. Improve communication /thinking critically

Being able to communicate effectively how you feel to yourself on paper is the best thing. Sometimes you’ll have so many ideas/thoughts and to be able to clarify what you actually mean is great, not only for your own peace of mind but in turn, how you communicate this with others. I’m not a fan of arguments and I think writing a diary is one of the main reasons I don’t. If I’m frustrated I tend to write down what I’m feeling, perhaps reword it, till I’ve figured out exactly what the problem is. When you write in your diary you’re not writing for anyone, except yourself so you can be super selfish and write endlessly about yourself if that helps. Or write endlessly about someone else! By the end of it you’ve probably worked out how to approach a problem with someone or something.



As well as helping memorize and retain important information and events. It’s a way to think up new ideas! You not only process your experiences but think of new, exciting things at the same time. I also find myself drawing, doodling and sticking in bits i've collected along the way. 


5. Self confidence

When you write about a positive experience you can relive the experience, this helps to reaffirm your ability. Its been found that doing this does actually release endorphins and dopamine that boost not only your self-esteem but also your mood. Wooh!  I would definitely recommend writing down positive and fun experiences as soon as you can, that way you are in the same mind set as when the event happened. Your diary/journal can become a little log of positive things. Its especially important that you write down happy events, because if like me you often go to write down things if you want to work them out – if they are frustrating or making you unhappy. You don’t want your diary to be a stream of negative. Good to balance it out, like life! 


So if that's inspired you enough to get going. You'll need to find yourself the perfect journal or diary to start with. I can't remember where i got my one from. It has small sections for each day, they are un dated which I like...so i don't have to stick to a date. Its important to get a diary you like - be that aesthetics, whether you want space for sticking things in, whether you want dates in there or type of paper. On the front of my diary I have superglued on any gems/jewels/cool buttons that I have found or have fallen off clothes. I don't particularly know why, but I like the effect and it makes it even more personal. So don't be put off by the front of your journal too much! It can be changed. A good notebook to start with is a moleskin because they are simply HEAVENLY to write in. So I have found some journals and diaries out in shops at the moment...

1. Sticker Stack - £15

2. Urban Outfitters - £15

3. Moleskin at Paperchase - £11

4. Urban Outfitters - £15 

5. Kikki K weekly planner - £3

6. Kikki K - £16

You're also going to need some accessories..In my first picture you will see I had some patterned tape which I use to make my diary more colourful when sticking anything in. And a good pen is essential! 

1. Urban Outfitters - £10

2. Etsy - £2.85

3. Sticker Stack - £5

4. Swarovski - £39


Hope this has given you some inspiration and some motivation to start a diary. Start anywhere and don't think it has to be everyday. Dont forget to hit the follow buttons and come say hi on twitter/instagram @blaisedyer





Blaise Ruby 



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