February 4, 2018

Where In The World Have I been? My Blogging Absence & Future Plans


Hey guys. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me over on my blog (whether or not you’ve noticed is a whole other story). But if you have and you’ve missed the updates over on here I really do apologise because I, for so long, stuck to posting two to three times a week and suddenly I pushed the stop button and halted the whole thing. So I wanted to break back into the blogging world and my little space on the internet with an explanation and a little idea of what you can expect from www.blaiseruby.co.uk and moi...

So where exactly have I been?
Well many places actually. I’ve had a great few months, with some awesome travel and even moving out of home and to London! But that’s not why I’ve been absent on my blog. I found I kinda fell out of love with writing on my blog. It started to feel like I was regurgitating what I had already posted somewhere else online. I’d create images for instagram and the left over (but slightly differently posed) shots would come on here and I’d basically just do a synopsis of my outfit. Now not always was it like this, often I went out with an aim, a plan and an idea for a blog post. But it started to become less fun and I went for that easy regurgitate option. Then I realised hun that’s boring, for not only the readers but for yourself!!! So my blog took a little sideline.


Outfit Details

Dress - HERE
Tights - HERE

Hat - HERE

Lipstick - HERE

What have I been doing instead then?

So you may or may not know I started a youtube a little over a year ago, and I reluctantly shared my videos, unsure of the outcome and how people would take to what I have to give. And I have to say youtube has been a success, still a very small success in the grand scheme of youtube, but it’s a success in my eyes. My followers seem to enjoy the content, I have good views and a growing audience. But most of all I LOVE doing it. So this is a little note to any of you out there that are thinking you want to try something but don’t know where to start or you’re too scared of what others will think….GO FOR IT! Really just do it. But with the youtube channel uploads, which I know do twice a week, my blog took a very firm back seat. Yes there’s a lot of work that goes into 2 uploads a week – content planning, filming, editing, uploading all take time and effort! 

Watch my latest video here

So whats the plan for Blaiseruby.co.uk now?

Well I was thinking hey I’ll just post on here as and when I can be bothered. But with more thought into it I realised I can make this into exactly what I want it to be! I want to be more open and more chatty on here as I am on my youtube. What I felt I lacked on my blog was personality and realness. And hey hunnay that’s exactly what you will be getting from now on. I want to share more stuff, write a bit more and delve into other aspects of life, advice, fashion, beauty and travel. If you didn’t know, I studied psychology at university and that’s always an avenue I’ve wanted to explore a little more. So alongside the usual fashion, beauty, travel – I want to discuss more realms of my interest – I love to give advice or draw on experiences or thoughts with the aim of helping or inspiring someone else. 

So look out for some more chatty blog posts coming very soon and I do apologise for my absence. I am so thankful to any of you that have read my blog in the past and will continue to do so.

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