October 12, 2018

This Weeks Thoughts - October Week 1 | Rushing


I recently attended a bloggers workshop with a brand and was shocked at how inspired it left me at the end of the day. Usually these kind of things feel like a waste of time and you’re told that to make it as a good blogger/influencer “you’ll basically need luck so probably don’t bother”. This day however left me feeling inspired in all sorts of ways and is probably a big helping hand in why my blog has been updated more in the last few days than it has in the last month! It made me take a look at my online presence and gave me all sorts of ideas about what I enjoy and what I want to do more of.

During the event we had a Q&A section from two bloggers. One of which being Sophie Milner, who I follow across the board on her channels, and love how relatable she is, her writing and pretty much all of her outfits. Over on her blog she does a little summary of her week or month and general musings. I loved this idea and thought perhaps it might be a nice way to get me back into more regular posts.  

There’s no time like the present so I thought I’d kick off the first week of October with the topic of rushing; one that has stuck in my mind this week.

Standing in the lift with bags full of food shopping I could hear the intense rustling of some Waitrose reusable bags to which I ignored and presumed someone was re-arranging their own shopping. After a sold minute of said rustling I turned to see where this frantic scrambling was coming from. A woman in the back of the lift was making a show of arranging her shopping into easily accessible and immediately lift-able positions so that once the lift doors open she could run for the hills. Now her irritation had come because not 1 but 2 men had hurried to jump into the lift before it escaped upwards to the car park, and this woman was NOT in the mood for any sort of delay. As a serial people watcher I was fascinated by this insanely overt display of irritation. I felt hopeful that she actually had somewhere to be and this performance was not wasted on the two men who were oblivious and me: the baffled, and slightly bemused, onlooker. 

Although somewhat amusing when she thrust her shopping trolly towards the general direction of the collection point narrowly missing cars, it also got me thinking about people in such a rush. I have to say I really didn’t envy this woman because either she was in that kind of an intense rush in which case lord knows why she has left her shopping til 8pm at night and then where does she have to go? Or she gives off this persona, which I have seen numerous times a day since moving to London, and must be as unenjoyable for her as it is for the onlookers. It gives me slight panic when surrounded by people like this: I feel like I’m moving too slowly, I can’t stop concentrating on what they’re doing and it generally makes the day into some kind of mad rush. 

I’ve recently downloaded an app called Moment which tracks how much screen time you spend on your phone. I was SHOCKED by two of the days I spent on my phone in the last week… they were embarrassingly high and it made me think what an insane waste of my time looking at this little screen!! I’ve recently decided to make some changes to my life to see more friends, to enjoy everything a little more and to make the most of here and now, so this concept of rushing is definitely one that has played on my mind. 

I think we can all reflect on just why we are rushing? If it’s because we’ve not got enough time – is that because you’re spending too long on your phone? Because you didn’t get up early enough? Or is it just the way we are…I think we’re all guilty of rushing home to merely scroll endlessly through the TV guide in disappointment. So this month I’m making changes to not rush 

So things I plan on doing to reduce the rush. Reading: this might sound like a weird one but I’ve started reading instead of scrolling through my phone on public transport and also before bed. Reading feels like a much better use of my time and I don’t get sucked into the endless phone scrolling hole. Before bedtime also simply helps me sleep, so I get a better nights sleep, wake up earlier and therefore reduce the rush… et voila.  I’m actually also reading a really good book called ‘The Wife Between Us’ which is all sorts of weird and gripping. This is another thing I’d love to talk more about on my blog as I love reading. So perhaps a reading and reviews section might be coming soon!

Another thing I’ve been doing lately is keeping my diary constantly to hand. I’ve always loved keeping a checklist of things to do as it keeps me focused and I don’t have too much to do that I end up rushing. I’m also working out what exactly it is that makes me feel happy and what I really enjoy doing. Then making sure I savour those things because after all aren’t we all rushing so we can do the stuff we enjoy? I’m still figuring it out but I thought I’d share this weeks musings on RUSHING!!

 I hope you’ll enjoy more updates from my blog and just letting me speak about all the random things I want to! 

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