April 20, 2017

The Power Of Perfume: Look & Feel More Confident.


So you may not know this but I actually studied Psychology at Exeter University and even now I teach A level Psychology two days a week because I cant quite squeeze the Psychology out of me just yet. So if I can ever get a bit of psychology into a blog post – hunnay I’m going to do it. So if you’re interested in the Psychology of how to feel good, as well as be rated as more attractive (bonus and not essential but hey) read on.

So lets talk fragrances – to me I just know when I like a fragrance or when I don’t. I don’t love sweet scents, I like floral but more masculine smells. But usually each person can just pick up a perfume and think yes I love or no I hate. Supposedly scientists say we are born with no specific scent preferences but as we get exposure to different smells we develop an idea of what we like and what we don’t. This then influences what we choose as we get older. Not only does it influence what we want to smell like but also what we associate those smells with. Psychology students – think Pavlovs dogs – we’ve had positive reinforcement (aka a fun/happy/nice experience or someone we love smelt like that) and therefore we are more likely to repeat wearing something we see positively. 

Long story short – when you put on a perfume that you or someone else you like has had positive or fun experiences whilst wearing - you are likely to connect it to all that positivity every time. Meaning you’re going to feel your best self when you were that perfume! Perfect. 

Another article I read recently on a Psychology website (I’ll link below) was all about that advert that basically says women can’t resist a man when they wear Lynx. Now I thought this was totally false and a jokey advert. But theres some truth, however it turns out its not the Lynx itself – it’s the way those guys feel when they wear Lynx that meant women rated them as more attractive! 

So Lynx wearing males were rated as significantly more attractive by women than men who weren’t wearing any deodorant at all. However these women never smelt any of the men they just rated headshots and watched 15 second clips of them. Based on the photos the men were rated roughly the same BUT the from the video the men wearing Lynx were rated as more attractive. In the video they were acting out how they’d introduce themselves to a woman. (LOL – I’d love to be viewing those). But the researchers basically found – the more confident the men felt and how the scent made them feel translated into their body language and how they felt about themselves. Then BINGO – women thought they were the bees knees. 

So not only does it feel great when you feel confident, but people rate you as happier, more attractive and just generally nicer. It’s not just guys though – 90% of women feel more confident wearing a fragrance than without – consequently making you more attractive to others. 




So using this idea is something we can transfer to other areas of our lives not just perfumes. I remember going on my first date with my boyfriend and he said afterwards how he thought it was really attractive that I was so confident just rocking up with wet hair. Now hun, I always arrive with wet hair haha but I didn’t even think anything of that, obviously it wasn’t a tactic to look more attractive but my confidence with said wet hair was clearly doin something! 

So I’ve included my newest fragrance – Viktor and Rolf Flower Bomb Boom, the next chapter for the iconic Flowerbomb fragrance. For this post I wanted to channel a rather sexy feminine feel and this perfume does just that. It’s a very floral and fragrance but much more fresh than a lot of floral perfumes out there. The reason for this is that the heart is actually freshly infused with a pure air molecule!! Doesn’t get much fresher than that. So you’ll never feel sickly sweet when you were this. 

Other things that make me feel good – nice underwear, some sparkly jewellery and a pink or red lip. My lingerie is from Wacoal – a fabulous new place I’ve found that sells such intricate lacey pieces that fit me perfectly and do a variety of shapes and styles. The best bit – non of them lack in style or sexiness, regardless of your size and shape. The lipstick is Guerlain and I’m obsessed with Guerlain at the moment, not only is the product to die for the packaging is always gorgeous. This lipstick is KISSKISS shaping cream lip colour in 564 pearly pink. A perfect girly pink.  Side note: Guerlain is also my all time favourite place to go for perfumes: Mon Guerlain and L’instant du Guerlain are a 100% yes from me. 

I hope you guys liked this post and it gave you a little food for thought about why its great to take some time to make yourself feel great. Really this post has just shown it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing really – just that you like it and feel good in it! 

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Papers I mentioned:

Roberts, S.C., Little, A.C., Lyndon, A., Roberts, J., Havlicek, J. & Wright, R.I. (2009). Manipulation of body odour alters men's self-confidence and judgments of their visual attractiveness by women. International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 31, 47-54.






Blaise Ruby 



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