September 30, 2018

LIKETOKNOWIT: The App to shop your favourite bloggers outfits


You may have noticed bloggers all over instagram are including the words ‘’ in their captions, but I’ll be the first to admit that before downloading the app I was oblivious to just what on earth it meant. With over 1.3 MILLION registered users back in early March it’s clearly doing something right. So as an avid user of the app I thought it about time I let you guys know exactly how it works and show you how to pretty much steal not only my, but other bloggers’, outfits through one screenshot.

First things first you’ll need to download the free app. No extra charges exist when you join the app. It’s totally transparent. The app you should search for is ‘’. CLICK HERE FOR THE DOWNLOAD LINK


Let me give you a brief explanation of how the app works and then I can show you around the app. So once you’ve downloaded the app (download here) you can screenshot instagram posts where bloggers have specified that they are using for the post. So how will you know that? Either they have stated it. I usually say ‘screenshot this picture to shop my outfit through LIKEtoKNOW.IT’. Or they will have included a link from the app, it will go a little something like ‘’. Note the little ‘’ section in the link. These are just ways that you’ll know it’s shoppable, but once you start looking you’ll realise how easy it is to spot. Check my instagram image below for caption example.


So you’ve screenshot the pic you like. Head over to the app and you can find that shot and a breakdown of the outfit they’ve posted. Ummmmmm….magic? From there it’ll take you to the pages to purchase or you can just keep the pics for a later date. Simple. 

Download the app here

Lets look around the app...

So that’s basically how it works, but let me show you around the app itself. Those screenshots will show up in the section furthest to the left where you see the symbol. On the right had side is a search button. Here you can follow users you know you like. So if you want to come on over and follow me I’d LOVE it. I’m ‘Blaise Dyer’ on the app. From there you’ll see all the outfits I’ve linked. Click here to go to my page

Inside the app > Search Section on Right > My Page

IMG_4820.jpg  IMG_4825.jpg   IMG_4829.png


Pictures from people you follow like me or other bloggers, will then show up on your feed, which is the people icon (second from the left).Finally the explore page which will show you popular users and posts suggested for you this is the globe button and the heart which is where you can save items to a wish list to shop later. 

For the outfit featured in this blog post you can either head over to my page HERE or shop the post by clicking the images below for my outfit.  


I hope this has been handy and I wholeheartedly recommend the app. It really has changed the game for me. Bloggers can also earn small amounts of commission from sales but it has NO impact on your sale, this comes from the retailers and it really is very small. I would absolutely love to see when you guys download the app so send me a message on instagram @blaisedyer to let me know. And as I say I would LOVE for you to follow me too, I really love seeing items I’ve suggested styled up on you guys.


Click here for my Page

Click here to download the app




Blaise Ruby 



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