October 2, 2018



Hold on to your handbags…. NET-A-PORTER are running a 15% off promotion that’s been kept very low key but I’m here to spill the beans on how to get that discount and just what to spend your coins** on. (**note: this is net-a-porter it’s likely to be a few coins).

1. Camel Coat // 2. Trousers // 3. Fendi Bag // 4. Turtle Neck // 5. Chloe Bag // 6. Rouched Dress

The sale runs until Monday the 15thof October and I’m not sure about you but I think this is the perfect time to transform my wardrobe with a few key pieces for the change in season. I’ve made three little edits for you to shop with some cool pieces I found on the website that are included in the promotion.  

How to get the discount?

Simply shop on their website HERE and use the code “FASHIONFIX15’ when you check out. Don’tcha worry… you’re welcome.

First up the colour of the season…Camel. I’m obsessed. If you’ve been watching my youtube videos I’m intending on rocking this colour head to toe. The ultimate camel coat is an Autumn/Winter staple as is a beautifully soft turtle neck. On my all time lust list you’ll find this Fendi bag, but I recently spotted the Chloe and with a much smaller price tag I’m finding myself drawn to that too. 

Simply click on the images above to head to the item on the NET-A-PORTER website.

Next I couldn’t resist some pinks and feminine colours, juxtaposed with tough black winter colours. A leather skirt is a winter essential, pop on a pair of over the knee boots like these Stuart Weitzman boots (I have these and can confirm they’re all you’ve ever wanted and more) and a bright turtle neck. 

1. Leather skirt // 2. Lips Jumper // 3. Pink Vinyl Bag // 4. OTK Boots // 5. Floral Dress // 6. Sunglasses // 7. Chloe Bag // 8. VB Turtle Neck

Finally I thought now could be the best time to get some summer bits. It’s rare to get discount on some of these pieces and either you’re off on hols soon or lets prepare for next summer. Anyway my brain is always on summer holidays so don’t mind me. I’ve always dreamt of owning a Zimmerman piece like this balloon sleeve top and perhaps now is the time to get your hands on the bag of the year from Cult Gaia. 


1. Dress // 2. Chloe Sunglasses // 3. Zimmerman Top // 4. Cult Gaia Bag // 5. Bikini // 6. Tumi Luggage


I hope you liked my little Net-A-Porter edit. So don’t forget you can head over to the website here and enter ‘FASHIONFIX15’ at the checkout to get 15% off the items. There are some restrictions to the sale but everything I’ve mentioned will be included  


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