November 17, 2017

If you're only asking for 1 thing this xmas. Luxury Wishlist.


Christmas is edging ever closer and as I get older I've realised you only really want that one present under the tree. One quality gift that you've been lusting after for a while. So if you're stuck on what to ask for, or stuck on what to get for your girlfriend, mother, sister or even grandmother. I've got a list of the more expensive one off things that could make it as the one thing you ask for this christmas. There's a range of prices, but I appreciate these things are in the more expensive range so these are of course for one off, big presents! So lets get into it...

A Designer Bag:

Now this is obviously a pretty pricey item but if you're interested in designer bags, like I have to admit I am, then you'll already have a bag in mind. For me Prada bags are the absolute winners. I was so lucky and grateful to have received the Prada Cahier bag for my birthday this year and I absolutely love it. You can see me talking about it and what I think about the bag in this video HERE. But this bag is the Galleria mini tote in pink. I love the classic style and pink ways gets a YES vote from me. This bag is £1,300 so very much on the pricey side but if you've got a few people wanting to chip in, this might be one to ask for or get for someone ;)

Price Range: ££££

Find the bag HERE 


Clutch Bag/Purse:

Not into something that expensive, but you still want a new bag? How about a clutch or a nice purse. These Chloe clutches are just mini versions of the bag. Perfect for nights out or everyday use as its a little less expensive, at £525, but still definitely that one thing you could ask for this christmas! 

Price Range: £££

Find the Clutch HERE



Winter requires some really cosy pieces, so how about asking for some leather gloves or a cashmere scarf and hat. Expensive and good enough quality to be your main present this christmas but a more affordable option. These are burberry gloves and sell for £250. I love the detailing and the colour, these would look fab with a camel coloured coat.

Price: ££ 

Find the Gloves HERE

Cute & Quirky Charms:

Another Prada item, Im sorry as I said I can't help myself. If I had nothing better to ask for and didnt need to ask for something functional and useful. Id ask for this super cute bag charm! Ive always loved these and there's lots of different styles, but the detailing and the intricate details are so cute and would look amazing on any bag of any price. At £230 its not cheap for what is essentially a keyring, but hey! 

Price: ££

Find the Charm HERE

Statement Phone Case:

Okay this wouldnt be a lust list/wish list without a phone case. Im OBSESSED with phone cases and I cannot get enough of this Louis Vuitton Monograme one. It gives me luggage trunk vibes but for your phone. Its super duper expensive at £750 so I know I would never ask for this as its pretty much the same price as the actual phone. But if you have the funds or you know someone who does and would be willing to fork out for heftily for this, then go for it! This I love and wanted to share but I have to say its crazy expensive. 

Price: £££

Find the Phone Case HERE


A Super Stylish Winter Coat: 

Looking for a winter coat with serious style, try a colourful wool blend trench coat like this one. I love a bit of colour in a winter coat, it really makes a statement and creates an instantly bold outfit. This is one is from A.W.A.K.E. and is £1000 pounds, so again really a one off gift for christmas or for a loved one. But definitely more of an investment piece as coats are always essential and can be used year in year out. 

Price: ££££

Find the coat HERE


Stuart Weitzman Boots:

These are DEFINITELY something I would ask for. I often think about asking for a pair of these from both parents. They are expensive but I wear OTK boots all day throughout Autumn and Winter so I would get maximum use out of them. If you don't know anything about OTK boots I have to say Stuart Weitzman are the best of the best. I love the flat but also the heeled ones and I think although I'd get more wear out of the flat ones I think those heeled ones are so so gorgeous. 

Flat boots - HERE price £695.00

Heeled boots - HERE price £695.00

Crinkle Heeled Boots - HERE Price £985.00

For the Makeup Lover:

Charlotte Tilbury makeup is such an easy gift to either ask for or to get for someone, thats because ALL of her makeup is to die for. You can pretty much pick anything and know the quality is going to be amazing and the colours suit most skin types and hair colours. So asking for a Charlotte Tilbury gift set is an easy and great quality gift. Ask for the iconic gift set as you'll get all her renowned pieces that are tried, tested and loved. This set is £165.00, so a perfect price for a main gift and also extremely satisfying. 

Price: £

Find the gift set HERE

I hope this post gave you some inspiration for main one of gifts to either ask for this christmas or give to a loved one this christmas. I wanted to keep a range of prices and I am in no way suggesting you ask anyone to spend this much money on you, but if you wanted some inspiration or to just generally look at some pretty things I hope i've sorted you out! 

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