December 10, 2018

Testing Out Blaze Classes at David Lloyd


It’s not only the name that drew me in (yes the fact that the class was called ‘Blaze’ was a massive pull for me I can’t deny it), but also looking at the studio I knew this was going to be cool. As you’ll know I am an avid David Lloyd go-er and have been since probably the age of about 6. On my blog I like to review classes as I try them or as they arrive to the club. My local club is David Lloyd Swindon and for the past few months I’ve watched them working away behind a big wall to reveal a brand new Blaze studio. Now I’ve definitely seen and heard of Blaze before (from other DLL clubs) but I didn’t really know what to expect. So the other day I managed to sign up (albeit from the waiting list…it’s a pretty popular new addition) and I thought I’d give you all the run down. If you’re looking for other David Lloyd class reviews – simply head to the fitness section on my blog or type ‘David Lloyd’ into my search bar.

So Blaze classes are effectively HIIT circuits classes with short but intense cardio, mixed with strength, boxing and marital arts skills. Now in the past this kind of thing would have filled me with dread, but having attended a few similar classes in London gyms I felt I was capable. If you have heard of Barrys Bootcamp or 1 Rebel classes (these are London boutique gyms that offer intense circuits classes that are very popular) the Blaze class is of a similar set up, however lacks the insane price tag of pay as you go London gyms - you don't have to pay to go to classes when you're a member at a David Lloyd club. 

Having watched the class being built over the last few months I could see the beginnings of a very sleek looking, blacked out room filled with running machines, benches, Boxing bags and cool lights. So my first class I was welcomed by the Blaze instructor and I signed up with my name, weight and age (don’t worry this doesn’t need to be read aloud to the whole class) and then I grabbed a heart rate monitor. This wires you up to a massive screen on the wall where you can see what heart rate zones you and the rest of the class get into. I actually LOVED this concept and thought it was really cool and unique and I could see how high my heart rate went at different parts of the circuits. 

I chose to start off on the central benches which is the strength section. We did three minute rounds here and this included exercises like weighted lunges, press ups, tricep dips and more. In this section I felt most at ease as I do lots of exercise like this already and you wont find your heart rate going crazily through the roof here – its more for strength purposes than cardio. I then switched to the boxing area. Now I have to say I was nervous because my punches look more like I’m trying to grab at someone than punch someone. Lucky for me, though, we actually just did burpees and high knee jumps with a few jabs to the punching bag. I mean I saw ‘lucky for me’ I can assure you I was dripping with sweat and watching my heart rate on the board switch to the red zone. Then the third section was on the running machines and we were concentrating on the incline, rather than speed. But jogging at an extreme incline is exhausting and a good one for your legs and bum. Three minutes and it was time for a rest before we began the circuit again but with new exercises. Music pounding, low lighting and words of encouragement get your adrenaline going and get you to the end of the class feeling your best. 

David Lloyd Swindon here



Who would this class be good for? 

This class would be good for most people. It will definitely be a challenge if you aren’t feeling your fittest – it’s very fast paced and high intensity BUT I used to shy away from these kind of classes until one day I just started. So all I can say is grab a friend and do it! You can always do it and don’t be afraid to take a breather – I do, everyone does! It would be great for anyone looking to loose some weight, due to the high intensity but also good for toning up.

What do I need? 

A good pair of trainers and a water bottle is it. But if you want to buy gloves to go under the boxing gloves (just so you don’t wear other peoples sweaty ones) that’s an option some people did. You could also bring your own heart rate monitor. However you don’t need to.

Difficulty Rating: 

9/10 But you can work to your own ability

Fun Rating: 

9/10 – I have to say this surprised me because I definitely wasn’t expecting to enjoy the class as much as I did. I came out really energetic, happy and ready to face the day. Everyone in the class was so excited and the trainer was really encouraging. I honestly was so surprised by how much I enjoyed it, especially considering it was hard work

Would I do it again?

Definitely. Sign me up. 

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