April 1, 2017

How to workout at home with Fizz Up #ad


We’ve all heard people say ‘No gym? No problem’ and I whole heartedly believe you can build muscle, lose weight and tone up in the privacy of your own home. Here is the app to check out http://www.fizzup.com/article-boenbdw01

3 reasons why it’s fab to workout at home:  

  1.  Your own personal sanctuary – sweat in solitude, blast Nicki Minaj through the speakers (or is that just me) and avoid waiting for machines and space.
  2. No membership fees – Your ‘bedroom floor’ gym its 100% free of charge.
  3. Opening Hours – 365 days 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You’re maximising your opportunities and possibilities. Super helpful if you lead a busy life. 

So I’ve started using a new app FizzUp, and as you can see I'm already at level 2 and there are 6 stages to each level.(the leading free fitness training app in France!) which they call your digital personal trainer – it provides tailor made workouts from the comfort of your own home. What will you need? Just yourself. There’s no equipment required and you could even do your workouts in your pjs if you fancied! You are in your own home at the end of the day, anything goes! However – I think I’m more motivated if I pop on some nice work out wear and grab a mat, so I’m ready for business. 

How exactly does it work?

The programmes work to suit your own fitness level – which I LOVE. You know the workouts are never going to put you off so much you wont do it again, but they challenge you so you’re not bored. Ever found yourself ‘working out at home’ - which turns to rolling around on the floor and eventually scrolling through instagram? Yeah. It happens. But this app keeps it moving, and its not long so you know you can get through it. 

Positivity and Motivation:

Okay this is the fun part – it’s totally NOT based on competition. It’s about rewards and beating your own personal best as well as being consistent with your workouts. There’s even an in-app chat and boost function. If you ‘boost’ someone you can motivate them to continue working out! So if you’re the kind of person that lacks motivation – this one is for you! I’m personally all about positivity rather than making someone feel bad, at the gym especially. The app gives you confidence to workout, which a few years ago I struggled with loads. Worrying that I didn’t know the right way or correct exercises to do. 

The rhythm feature counts how many workouts you’ve done in a row and makes your profile a lovely green circle if you’re up to date. Your workouts are scheduled for you and every other day, that way getting a good rhythm is achievable. The photo above shows my GREEN rhythm (woohoo) and means Ive done 8 workouts in a row. 

What does a workout entail?

The program has different levels; at the beginning and end of each level you will do a fitness evaluation. This looks at how many repetitions you do for a certain exercise and that works out your progress as well as tailoring the workouts for your ability.


Additional Benefits:

I actually have the FizzUp Pro version – for this you can get focused workouts to target certain areas. So sometimes in the evening if I have a spare 10 or 15 mins I pop on the ab workout or butt workout and just get through one of those. Also with the pro you get the nutrition guides too. 


Join me?

Looking for a fitness buddy? Come and join me over on the app and we can encourage each other to keep our rhythm going. You can find me by searching ‘Blaise Dyer’


Here is the link to download the app and get started http://www.fizzup.com/article-boenbdw01

My Outfit is linked in my latest youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNmvAJtQL2E&t=7s

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This post was in collaboration with FizzUp but all opinions and genuine use on the app are entirely my own.




Blaise Ruby 



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How to workout at home with Fizz Up #ad

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