November 8, 2018

Transitional Wardrobe: 5 Tips for dressing for the new season


Late October usually signals the influx of scarves, turtlenecks and ,I can’t lie I’m partial to, a thermal under layer. However this Octobers’ wardrobe has been far from that. Last week I was wearing a crop top and sitting outside. This week my legs have started to be a little more covered as the weather gets colder. But today I thought I’d let you know a couple of ways to either deal with the inbetween-y weather or simply re-wear previous season pieces. That summer wardrobe can always be incorporated.

Belt worn - Here (scroll down for all outfit details). 

1. Layer Up

This is my favourite one. I love taking a simple dress or a summers dress and popping a turtle neck underneath. It gives you that Autumnal look and an additional touch a warmth but allows you to wear a light dress and have your legs out if weather permits. The dress I’m wearing is from Prem, an Australian brand and I just popped a mesh turtle neck underneath, this is a fun way to add some edge to a girly dress.

Click here for the dress

2. Over The Knee it

Whether it’s boots or socks this a great one. Add a pair of boots to a cute skirt and a jumper and you’ve got your legs away but not gone the whole hog. This for me is also great on days that you’re just going from inside space to inside space and not really braving the cold. Pop a really summery dress on, you can even have your arms out, but the boots keep your outfit seasonally appropriate. Go for socks if you want a preppy look. 

Click here for the boots Im wearing in the pics


Click here for the coat Im wearingIMG_4774.jpgIMG_4775.jpgIMG_4779.jpg

Find my belt Here

3. Jumpsuits
A favourite of mine because of not only the ease of dressing but also the comfort! A one item kinda outfit is something I can get down with. Hot or cold days the same jumpsuit can work. Pop on a coat for colder days then a baker boy and arms out for warmer days. Jumpsuits are so versatile in terms of boots, hats and coats so make it a really easy option for these confusing autumn days. Or for when you want to sneak a full thermal set underneath.
4. Long cardigans
Leaving the house without a coat seems daunting at the end of October but so often I’m finding myself carrying my coat rather than wearing it. I recently purchased a long knitted cardigan and its perfect for layering over dainty pieces like bodysuits, but can also be added on top of other tops and jumpers depending on the kind of day. 
5. Light trench coats
A coat that can be as warm or as light as you like is the trench. Done up tightly around the waist they offer warmth with the additional bonus of being super flattering. As soon as you feel it too hot undo the belt and have the coat wide open. The trench coat I think is one of the chicest looks when open and flowing against the wind. Alternatively if you really are too warm… scrap it. If you get one light enough you can pop it in your backpack ;)

Outfit Details:

Belt - HERE 

Dress - HERE

Mesh Top - HERE

Boots - HERE

Coat - HERE

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