April 19, 2018



By now the majority of us have long forgotten our January New Years resolutions, that’s if you even began them in the first place. But hey don’t feel too bad, apparently only 10% of people actually stick to them. So that bar of chocolate you had yesterday but ‘would never touch in a million years’ on January the 1st… yeah don’t worry about it. January is a tough time to be making any solid new years resolutions, goal setting or life changing decisions, but Spring could be the new re-set!




More hours in the day, more sunshine (sometimes), more vibrant colours, the newness of Spring plants, oh and a hell of a lot less mince pies and Christmas drinks parties to throw you off. Springtime is when I feel goals and resolutions can really realistically be put into action, at a time where you’ve also had some time to reflect on what it is you really want.

So now we have more hours of sunshine you can get to that extra class you wanted to try in the evenings without feeling like its already past your bed time, its getting warmer outside so you can kick start your workout routine and without the burden of Christmas spending you can work on those budgeting techniques. So whatever your resolution; now is a great time to start. I was thinking about a few things I want to focus on at the moment and kick start this Spring, so I thought I’d share them with you! 

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1. Youtube

Ive been so pleased with my youtube channel growth and I love creating content on there (find my youtube here). However recently I saw a girl that I know, through instagram, and she had only just begun her youtube very recently, but with the help of more popular youtube friends her channel grew much faster than mine and I was left feeling totally defeated. So this one is really a 2 part resolution. One stop comparing yourself, I recently wrote a caption on my instagram which I whole heartedly agree with ‘stop comparing your chapter 1 to someone elses chapter 20’;  basically we are all running our own race and who knows where each of us will be tomorrow. Before seeing her channel I was hugely pleased with my own. So I’ll be focusing more on my own from here on out. And the second part of this is what I want to do with my youtube. I want my youtube to be more of a refelction of me. I want to bring more personality to my videos and do anything and everything I would like to film without worrying about views, likes, comments. Youtube really is a place to express yourself and that’s whay made me love it in the beginning. Im so happy with where my youtube is going so I’d love to keep that up.

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2. Fitness

Now here I don’t need a major over haul because I am in the gym most days but recently I’ve been sticking to the same sorts of workout and not pushing myself. Pair this with some bad eating as of late and you can imagine I’ve felt in a bit of a slump. I want to feel lean, strong and healthy. I’ve joined a new thing called class pass and I aim to try more varied workouts with friends and meeting new people.

3. Dairy

Okay this one has been a revelation. I was bloated beyond belief for too long and it took me far too long to realise the only thing I was eating too much of was dairy. I decided to cut out dairy for 30 days and see if it made a difference to the bloating, the uncomfortability and the way I felt. Bingo… within 5 days I already felt better and since then I’ve been reducing my dairy intake. I would love to keep this up and continue it outside of my home too.

4. Rushing

We are all guilty of this; rushing to get everywhere, but why? I often find myself rushing to get home even when I have nothing to do when I get there. Im the girl that’s always 20 minutes early if not more for everything. I want to be more relaxed with my timings and really focus on the here and now, enjoy the moment and stop rushing.


I hope it helps to hear my Spring resolutions, Im really ready for a little spring re-set and bring on the rest of the year in a happy and healthy manner. Oh and btw I never did fulfil my ‘stop biting my nails’ NY resolution for the 24th year in a row, should I make that number 5 for spring? 

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