October 13, 2017

Re-wearing Summer clothes in Autumn/Winter


The concept of people 'getting out their winter wardrobe' has always baffled me, I have one wardrobe and regardless of the season I will try and wear as much of it as I can. For me, my summer wardrobe is much more extensive, exciting and interesting so inevitably I don't want to just get rid of those items I love so much. Thats why I wanted to show you how I incorporate my summer wardrobe into Autumn and Winter.

Playsuits are one of my favourite things ever. I was discussing my love for playsuits and jumpsuits just yesterday and the reason I came up with was that they're just such an easy and comfortable way to look stylish and in one piece your outfit is done. 

This playsuit I bought this year and it was very in keeping with the gingham trend that was everywhere this summer. I loved the little bow detail and think its such a cute piece. I included it in an ASOS haul video I did here

So why oh why would I want to just forget this cute little playsuit now Autumn is here 

The easiest way to take something easily from summer to autumn/winter is to think about warmth. How warm do you need to be? At the moment we’re dealing with mild chilliness. So I felt I wasn’t quit in desperate need for tights but I didn't want to have too much flesh on show. Over the knee boots are my absolute must haves for both autumn and winter. Pair them just about anything and you’ve got style and warmth. I also find them so flattering for elongating your legs. Recently I wore my OTK boots with a summery dress I love and it just took a pretty dress into the current season. Warmth and style and hey Im feeling it. 

So next on my warmth agenda was a turtle neck. Another of my absolute winter time staples, a turtle neck is a must have. My favourites are from Zara, they’re thick enough but not too thick that you feel like they’ve added a good 20cm to the width of your arm, like you’ll find with other turtle necks. These ones are warm, tight and long on the arm. So invest in a turtle neck and don’t forget to mix up how you wear it. Last fashion week I wore the exact same turtle neck with a silver structured jumpsuit, so year in year out you can style them differently. 

This look would have been fab with a black turtle neck too but I don’t actually own a black one so grey worked for me this time. Popping a turtle neck underneath gives you the same cute look of whatever’s over the top, but additional warmth and a slightly updated and altered look. 

To complete the look I just popped on a little beret and some long earrings. I can’t get enough of hats at the moment and my two favourites being berets and baker boy hats. They just seem to complete a look and Im going for a rather preppy cute look. By adding a few more classically ‘wintery’ accessories you can really take a summer outfit right into autumn winter. 


My Outfit Details

Playsuit - ASOS Find HERE

Turtle Neck - Zara FIND SIMILAR HERE

OTK Boots - Vagabond FIND HERE

Earrings - Vintage FIND SIMILAR HERE

Lipstick - Mac FIND HERE



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