October 21, 2017

OTK boots & the ones I can't stop wearing


So at the moment Ive been religiously wearing my favourite flat black over the knee boots all day errrrday! People keep asking where they're from so once I re-ordered the EXACT SAME pair, yes you heard right... the same pair of boots, I decided to make a blog post showing my favourite pair and also a couple of others I think are absolutely gorgeous.

Wearable Black Boots

Colourful, suede, lace up, heeled OTK boots are absolutely insane but not all that wearable. However I wear OTK boots day in day out, so for me I'm looking for a flat pair, or ones with a low heel for everyday wear. So my all time favourite boots (the ones I re-ordered) are the pair labelled number 2 in that shot. They are so comfortable, long enough that they actually go over your knee and the stretchy back means they stay up! 

The pair on the right were another pair I was very keen on getting - the low heel means they're very wearable but will be super flattering on the legs, elongating them with that slight heel and accentuating the flattering look of OTK boots in general. The zip detail and stretchy back is very similar to the pair of boots I have already so I'd imagine they will be 1 easy to get on and 2 a pair of boots that will stay up well! 


Pair number 1 are less wearable but Oh So Gorgeous! they're really high up on the leg, which I think is essential for a pair of OTK boots, these would be amazing night time boots, and would look fab with some leather trousers or with a mini floaty dress. The lace detail means they're secure to your leg, so although they're pretty high - you aint falling anywhere with those on?

Where can we find them?

1. Lipsy - £109 FOUND HERE

2. Flat Vagabond (my pair) - £150 FOUND HERE

3. Bruno Premi - £160 FOUND HERE

Bold Sexy Boots

Okay so I couldnt resist the bright red pair of OTK heeled boots and it led me into a wild hunt for insane heeled statement boots. I think I might have to get that red pair but I also love the pink and the nude for a more toned down look. The fact that all these are fairly tight to the leg would make you feel more secure when wearing such high heels. The only downfall would be that you would still feel the pain of the high heel, however no unsteadiness, so ya win some ya lose some. So I think these would be the kind of statement heeled boots you'd wear if you were out somewhere without a ton of walking! 

Where can we find them?
1.Lamica - £109 FOUND HERE

2. Office - £119 FOUND HERE

3. RAID Kalin - £55 FOUND HERE

4. Mai Più Senza - £155 FOUND HERE


So this is the pair of boots of keep wearing on repeat - as you can see Im obsessed thats why I reordered with NO SHAME. 

As I say the pair of boots I wear are the ones linked in the first black boots section, but you can also find them HERE . So that brings us to the end of my little OTK boot appreciation post, I hope you liked and I love to hear what you think, so feel free to tweet/message me on insta (@blaisedyer both).

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