October 10, 2018

Guerlain Renew & Repair Serum Reviewed


I’ve been obsessed with Guerlains Abeille Royale range for some time now, so when a hot new thing joined my skincare party I welcomed it with open arms. That hot new thing being Guerlain’s Double R Renew & Repair serum. I have been using this serum for about a month now, which has given me plenty of time to test out the product before reviewing it. I also think seasons changing often means a switch up in skincare and this is definitely one coming into A/W with me for plump, hydrated skin.

Renew & Repair Serum

The Renew and Repair serum is a multi tasking skincare favourite of mine at the moment. Although it has two chambers filled with different ingredients it is just one serum and when pumped the two come out together (they do need a little mixing but that happens as you naturally spread the product on your face). One side focuses on peeling and soft resurfacing to promote new skin cells and the other creates a lifting, plumping effect. 

At the heart of all of the Abeille Royale range is the use of bee products. Bee products are some of the most effect natural substances with revitalising properties. Guerlain has done lots of research on honeys and royal jelly which has led them to the Abeille Royale range. The basic role of the products is the reduce signs of aging and basically give our skin some renewed elasticity and brightness. 

Find the serum here

So what do I make of the serum? Well if you came here looking for a slating review I don’t have one at all. The serum is gorgeous – both in design and output. The two ingredients blend wonderfuly on the skin and I have noticed my skin feels really nice and plump afterwards. The main thing I definitely found is a certain luminosity to my skin after 2 weeks of use and I love how hydrating the serum is even before moisturiser.

Directions for use:

- One pump to face & neck

- Morning & Night before moisturiser


£109 - £139 dependent on size.

Purchase here

other products in the Abeille Royale range that I would recommend:

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