March 11, 2017

Guerlain - New Summer Launches


Last week one of my favourite brands of all time (ever) invited me along to The Arts Club to experience one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever been to. It was for the launch of their new feminine fragrance ‘Mon Guerlain’ and their new terracotta summer collection. Dreamy I know!

Set in one of the pent house rooms – the flowers were endless, the smell delicious and the products to die for. I was in heaven. 

I was so excited to be there for the launch of a new Guerlain fragrance as I always wear L’instant de Guerlain and have done since I was about 14. It has become my signature smell and one that people know me by. Im more of a one fragrance kind of girl, but as Guerlain is my go-to for perfume I could not wait. And it didn’t disappoint. The bottle delivers on all you’d expect from Guerlain – chic, understated but glamorous, and not least iconic. 

I find Guerlain always gets the balance of masculine and feminine scents just right. This is what keeps it so modern throughout the years. As for the smell of Mon Guerlain – vanilla is the starting point and brings the feminine, subtly sweet and sensual scent. Add to this lavender, the smell of which is usually associated with more masculine attributes in perfumery, this shakes up the feminine scents and adds the richness of difference.  Add to that the subtlety of jasmine and a touch of sandalwood. To me, the perfect fragrance. Feminine but not sickly sweet like so many womens fragrances. 

What I also loved was that Angelina Jolie is the ambassador. As we all know Angelina jolie likes a tattoo or five and she’s called Mon Guerlain her invisible tattoo – as wearing it represents something for her and has meaning. And also what is so amazing is that she is donating all of her earnings to charity.

Now moving onto the new terracotta summer range…eeek! So exciting, because I have to admit I’d never tried the terracotta bronzers before, but I’d heard SO many good things. So now – even if we have no sun, terracotta is always at hand and in 2017 its been reinvented with limited editions to illuminate our skin with a golden glow and some serious radiance. 

My favourite was the sun trio compact. It’s basically a contouring palette – perfect for a natural glow and a naturally sculpted face. It has three shades to achieve the perfect sunkissed complexion. I think I’d probably swirl a brush through all three colours for the most gorgeous bronzer and add the lighter colour for highlighter. The second bronzer style face product is the terracotta ultra matte limited edition compact. Perfect for an overall bronzer but with additional benefits – packed full of vitamin C and E. 

Also in the new terracotta summer collection is the terracotta sunless – a super fine and not biscuitty smelling instant tanner. The smooth spray allows even and full coverage, no streaks or missing spots. Finally the terracotta jolies jambes – a tinted lotion for our sun – starved legs. Again – my favourite thing is it has the gorgeous smell of the terracotta collection and not at all like the smell of false tanners. One you could even wear if you wanted a light scent as well as a moisturiser.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Overall I loved my morning with Guerlain. The event, beautifully executed and the products were incredible. It made me so ready for summer and a very pretty Guerlain summer at that! 

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