May 29, 2018

Feeling a million dollars… starts with skincare


As a self confessed beauty addict and someone that spends their days attending launches of the next best skincare product on a weekly basis I’m ashamed to admit that, up until this year, I had had a grand total of 2 facials in my whole lifetime. Shameful I know. So today I thought I would share with you a few nuggets of information I think we all need to be equipped with and that might inspire you to take the plunge and begin a more professional approach to skincare, but with a little more understanding under your belt.

So what had stopped me from seeking professional help and facials before? Well if I’m honest I didn’t think my skin was in dire need of an over haul and I also couldn’t see what a facial could really do? I wasn’t keen on popping into any old clinic where they’d plaster my face with products I’d never heard of, with a woman who’s credentials I wasn’t sure about. After all…if the effects don’t go to plan – its your face that will show the evidence. But then you have the clinics with the year long waiting lists, with those huge price tags and people telling you they just had “THE MOST AMAZING FACIAL”. But what was it that made it ‘amazing’? How do you know? What are your points of judgement? And how do I know what to ask for? So I made the executive decision that it was confusing, expensive and unnecessary.


But then I moved to London…I felt far from a million dollars (20p is a more accurate description). My skin had not thanked me for the dirty thick air, instead it had let me know exactly what it thought by gracing me with little red spots on my cheeks. Ah wonderful! A fresh start with a less than fresh feeling face. Pair that with trying out a new ‘wonder’ serum which actually brought me out in a little rash on my chin and oh boy was I feeling fabulous. Now I cant say I had the worst skin in the world and I feel so much for those that suffer for long periods of time with their skin, but I know how good we all feel when we wake up in the mornings with a clear skin start. So in my search for help I found Renee Lapino an experienced medical aesthetician with over 10 years of practice both in the US and the UK – she’s not hard to find on instagram as her presence there is amazing. She seemed so passionate about what she does and she offered an insane amount of FREE help on her instagram stories and posts. So on a whim I sent her a message to see if she’d reply and maybe give me some ideas about what to do. And that’s how it began. The beginnings of making myself feel a million dollars ;) from the very base… my skin. 



I had no idea where to begin and she offered me two suggestions to begin with – liquid chlorphyll and zinc supplements to be taken daily (hey! You got a free bit of Renee help too… she suggests all her patients do this because the benefits are insane and she also takes daily doses of both). This was all done over instagram and then I took the plunge and told her hey I have no clue where to start – please help me in whatever way you see fit because I don’t even know what to ask for. And there is the beauty with Renee – she’s the most honest person, she’s never trying to sell you a product or a treatment, she’s just so passionate about what she does and she gets it so damn right! I mean you only have to take one look at her to know you need to know what she knows – she’s like an airbrushed snow white in the most elegant way. So with that little introduction…. I asked Renee a few simple, easy to understand questions so that all of us beginners know what a facial really is, why we need one and what we should be doing with our skin. So lets hear from Renee…

If you’ve never had a skin treatment/facial before, what’s the best ‘go-to’ starting treatment for a novice?

A consultation and a facial! A facial deep cleans your skin and supports your cellular turnover, and allows you to chat to a skin specialist about your home care and products whilst they are interacting with your skin. 

What’s the one thing you think we should ALL do to improve our skin? 

Clean your mobile phone every day with bleach wipes. Even if you rarely speak on your phone, you touch it every day and then touch your face. Make sure you are not putting bacteria and grime onto it. 

How often would you recommend people should go to have facial treatments?

This depends on their skin goals. If you are young and simply wanting to maintain your skin, every 6-12 weeks is fine. If you are looking to treat breakouts, scarring, pigment, or laxity, you should seek treatment every 4 weeks.

So what’s the biggest misconception about skincare and facials?

In my experience, people often believe that they can use a cleanser from the chemist, and it is just as effective as medical formulations. Nothing could be more incorrect. You must use a cleanser free of parabens and chemicals to prepare your skin to receive further ingredients from serums and moisturizers. 

Another common misconception is that you will instantly glow post facial. This is not the case. The skin has been cleansed, exfoliated, extracted and massaged, and will often be pink and maybe even slightly swollen. After a facial I often recommend you wait 6 to 12 hours before assessing your results and showing off your healthy glow. 

What’s your favourite part of job?

Seeing my patients results! I often hear from patients after treatment that they feel like a new person. They are taking selfies without makeup, and going to work wearing only lipstick and mascara. Their confidence improves, and they feel stronger over all. It is so rewarding to change a persons life, through changing their skin! 

Is it true that problematic areas of your face are down to certain things (like hormones, pollution, diet etc)? 

It is! Hormones, pollution levels, water quality, and diet all play a massive role in your skin’s health. See a specialist if you are having skin issues, as it would be impossible to go through all of the issues and their possible causes in an interview. 

So you wake up and you see the beginnings of a spot coming in, what do you do?

Cleanse thoroughly and gently, and then apply rose oil to the spot. Rose oil will reduce the inflammation and pigment of the spot. Then apply a very small amount of soothing cream or balm on top of the rose oil with a cotton swab. In the U.K. I recommend Sudocrem, in the U.S., Desitin. In a pinch, pop a hole into an ibuprofen gelcap and apply the liquid onto the spot. The anti inflammatory properties of the ibuprofen will reduce the swelling and discomfort, allowing the spot to heal. 

What’s the best way to hear new skincare tips from you? Can we find you on insta!?

I have a website under construction where my latest skin tips and tricks will be located! The website will go live late this Autumn, so until then Instagram and Facebook are the places to find me. All of my tips can be found on Facebook at Renée Lapino, Medical Aesthetician or on Instagram @reneelapino. IMG_0797.jpg



So now we’ve heard from Renee, I hope that any of you out there that were unclear of how to take your skincare to the next level have got a better understanding. But the basics to know are that everybodys skin is different, I couldn’t recommend finding someone from a clinic like the cosmetic skin clinic to look over your skin more. They can recommend a few products and help you out with where you need to go in terms of treatments. You don’t need to know what you are going in for, treatment lists can look daunting, but if you’re trying to make yourself feel a million dollars I cant think of a better way than starting with your skin. Skin and a whole bunch of diamonds ;)


I hope you guys liked this post. I just wanted to get a little creative with the imagery to keep it fresh. Let me know what you think about skincare over on instagram or twitter @blaisedyer 

If you're looking to get in touch with renee either check her out on instagram @reneelapino or book in with the cosmetic skin clinic (where I go for all my treatments with renee)



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