May 21, 2018

£150 Foundation? La Prairie Essence in Foundation Worth It?


A foundation that costs £148 isn’t a foundation that gets bought on a whim. Usually that kind of price tag makes ones eyes water and bank balance cry for help. It is only recently that the brand La Prairie is one that I have actually used. That’s why now feels the perfect time to shed some light on a brand that perhaps you might not try because you cant justify the price. We all want to know “is it worth it?” before we commit. So hey I thought I’m just the girl to tell you what I think.

So first of all what do the professionals at La Prairie say?

"Rare Caviar Extracts in the Skin Caviar Collection transform your skin and profoundly improve the appearance of firmness, elasticity and tone. Rich in amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, caviar extracts are a source of natural compounds required for the structure and vitality of younger-looking skin."


And my interpretation? So I was lucky enough to attend the press day for the launch of the cushion foundation – spending a couple of hours with La Prairie experts and professional makeup artists to learn exactly what it does. Its more than a foundation – the way I would explain it is that its almost 50% foundation and makeup and 50% skincare. Bridging the gap between skincare and makeup isn’t a new thing but La Prairie aren’t here to just give you SPF and call it a day. So what about these ‘caviar extracts’? The caviar extracts are also in their serums and moisturisers which range from £113 to £400 and they help with skin firming and elasticity. 


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Any other perks? There is of course SPF 25 to protect against sun damage, it also contains a hydrating emulsion so bye bye any dry cakey foundation oh and it comes with a refill – so hello two for the price of one.

So now down to my opinion – lets start with my positive points:

I love the finish from the foundation. I used to think I only wanted super dewy foundations but I’ve decided that Im more of a fan of the middle ground – radiance but an element of matte. So this one does that perfectly; almost like a blurring effect. This means any pores and fine lines are minimised nicely and I actually find that I don’t really use a primer with this foundation, I just want the skincare elements to do their THANG and the foundation works its blurring effect, without a primer barrier. 

I’ve also started to love compact foundations due to the ease. Long days out and about mean these are PERFECT for touch ups and more coverage as the day rolls on. I didn’t find I needed this too much – but hot days mean nose area foundation does tend to slip. I really love the element of skincare, for me that is a huge bonus and something I really haven’t encountered much before now.

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Now I only actually have two negatives. The first one I think is inevitable – the price, it’s a pretty steep price tag BUT I would also like to offset this point with a couple of notes. This is definitely more of a beauty lovers piece and therefore its not that shocking for those that actually want to invest in their skincare and makeup, its also gorgeous in the way that it looks – as with all La Prairie products, so this becomes a ‘dressing table piece of art’ as I like to call it. So really my only actual negative is the shade range. I noticed the shade range is very close together – there are 8 shades but I could definitely pick any one of those for myself. I noticed at the press day that we were all of a similar skin colour and actually all brunette. The only positive for this is that the product can be layered and can be used together with other products to create the right shade for each individual. I really hope they come out with more shades soon as this foundation has really changed the game and created its own little sector ‘skinup’ or ‘makecare’ (yeah they didn’t really work mixing skincare and makeup but you get my jist!). 

This foundation has come just at the perfect time - summer skin ready!! To shop the foundation head HERE - I wear shade Honey Beige. You can shop the above summer outfit by clicking on the images below. 

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